When school lets out in June, students rejoice and parents fret about how to keep their kids entertained and productive for the next three months. While some watch copious amounts of Netflix, others use this break for summer school. The summer term at DVA is starting soon, so we’re sharing the five reasons enrolling your child will benefit them.

  1. It Helps Them Stay Productive

Research has shown that pausing students’ learning over the summer is detrimental to their academic progress. One study showed how the average student loses up to 34 per cent of the prior school year’s learning over the summer break. The shift from routine, learning, and socializing with fellow students to three months of free time does not benefit them in the short or long term.

Summer school helps students maintain their learning level and retain what they’ve learned thus far. It ensures that when the fall term starts, they aren’t starting behind.

  1. It Offers Exclusive Benefits

There are several exclusive benefits to summer school that the other terms don’t provide. Since fewer students enrol in summer school than the other terms, class sizes are smaller, and teachers have more time to provide individualized attention. Classes are also offered on a part-time schedule which allows for flexibility. At DVA, our class sizes are already optimally sized, so our summer term only multiplies this advantage.

  1. It Allows Them to Get Ahead

Is there a subject your child excels at? Perhaps they are flying through their grade level’s mathematics and require enrichment. Summer classes can be the vessel that allows them to challenge themselves and get ahead in their strong subjects. Not only does this benefit them come fall term, but it allows them to strengthen their muscles and expand their knowledge.

  1. It Strengthens Their Skills and Knowledge

Is there a subject your child struggles with? Summer school is the perfect opportunity to help your child improve their understanding and practice their skills. The faculty at DVA is committed to ensuring every student has the time and personalized attention to uplevel their grades in their weaker subjects. During summer school, when there are fewer subjects overall to focus on, they can channel all their attention on that strengthening that one subject.

  1. It Helps Them Graduate Early

It’s not uncommon for students at DVA to graduate early. For some, this allows them to start university ahead of their peers and get a head start on their careers. For others, graduating early means they can focus their attention 100 per cent on their extracurricular activities sooner. Summer school benefits students in both cases as it allows them to complete their credits when other students are taking a break.

Interested in Enrolling Your Child in Summer School?

Don Valley Academy is one of the top private high schools in the GTA with a highly effective summer school option. If you’re ready to reap one or all of the benefits listed above, contact us to learn more or enrol now.