There are numerous reasons your child’s school might not be the right choice for your family anymore. After a year full of unexpected changes, some schools have struggled to adapt and as a result, this might have hindered your child’s academic experience.

If you’re thinking about switching your child’s school, there are a few things we recommend you consider before making a decision.

Consider the Learning Environment
If your child gets overlooked in their classes of 30 students, they’re not alone. This is a growing concern from parents. Students that are ahead of their peers need a curriculum that challenges them and nurtures their growth. Students who are falling behind their peers need extra attention from the faculty to bring them up to speed.

In both of these scenarios, the students would benefit from small class sizes. Not only do they get more one-on-one guidance, but they can build deeper friendships with their peers and have more opportunities to share their ideas that will help foster their academic growth.

Consider the Faculty
The people teaching your children must be dedicated to your children’s academic and personal success. Not only should they be excellent teachers, but they should be invested in helping your child prepare for university and guide them in making sound academic decisions.
The faculty at DVA is made up of amazing teachers, but they are also seen as guidance counsellors by the students and families. Your child isn’t just another seat filled; their future truly matters at DVA.

Consider the Schedule
The traditional 9 am to 3 pm doesn’t work for all families. Your child might have extracurricular activities that occur during that time, or during part of that time. By offering part-time and full-time virtual studies, our students with busy schedules can complete their full high school diploma when it makes sense for their families.

Consider Your Child’s Unique Needs
Education should not be a one-size-fits-all institution. Each student has unique interests, and unique strengths and weaknesses. If the school you’re considering doesn’t view their students this way, it might not be the best choice for your child.

At DVA, we offer a range of program options to suit your child’s needs and academic goals. From part-time to full-time programs as well as weekend and summer studies, we’re happy to accommodate your family’s needs.

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