DVA - October


A new school year means a fresh start! It’s a great opportunity for students to improve on their academics or in social areas that they might have struggled with in the past. There’s nothing we love more than seeing students succeed, and our faculty is here to support you and help you accomplish whatever you’re striving for.


Setting personal goals

Setting personal goals is important, whether it’s for something short term, like getting a certain grade on a test, or more long term, like improving your overall grade in English from last school year. This way you have something tangible that you’re moving towards.


Outlining how you will achieve these goals

Once you’ve visualized what your goals are -whether that’s getting a higher grade in math class or improving your writing skills –write down those goals. Mapping out an action plan will help you see them through to completion. We’ll also work with you to make sure you have all the support you need to reach them. We offer smaller class sizes, so there’s more individualized attention for each student, and more opportunity to work one on one with each person to provide extra help with the subjects you may be struggling with.


Celebrating minor wins

Instead of only celebrating once you reach your end goal, celebrate each accomplishment that leads you closer to that goal! This will help keep you motivated throughout the journey towards that goal. How you celebrate is up to you, but taking a break to spend time with friends, eating a special meal or buying yourself a small celebratory gift are all excellent ways to show support to yourself for all the hardwork that you’ve put in.


Learning from mistakes and being able to self-assess

Learning from your past errors is key. If there’s a mistake that you’re continuously making, such as not showing your work enough, or the same error on a test, focus on that specific area and figure out how you can correct it. It will be that much more rewarding when you’re able to improve on your past errors in future assignments. Remember, this is your education, and a bright future for you starts here through your hardwork.


Speaking to your teachers when you need additional support

It’s always rewarding to be able to address a problem on your own, but sometimes there are struggles you’re having that would be easier to address and improve on with the help of your teachers. That’s what the faculty at Don Valley Academy is here for! Don’t be shy to approach us with questions or concerns that you have about your performance, and we’ll help make sure that we can assist you in getting back on track.


What makes us different

We offer flexible scheduling and a more relaxed environment for students to meet their educational goals. We also offer support for different ways of approaching a problem, so if one way doesn’t work for you, know there are multiple avenues to achieving your end goals. Contact us today to learn more: 416-223-7561.