Finding the right learning style for your child

Have you ever wondered what your child’s learning style is?

Figuring out how your son or daughter best processes information will be a huge benefit to them not only in school, but when you’re teaching them at home – and throughout life.

The main learning styles can be broken down into four categories.

The first is visual. These types of learners, as you may have guessed, learn best by seeing. They tend to have great imaginations, and benefit by watching demonstrations. Often, they’ll be very observant of both yours and their teachers body language and facial expressions.

The next main learning style is auditory. They learn best by listening to the words that you have to say. Participating in discussions – whether that’s at home or in the classroom – is beneficial to these types of learners. Verbal directions are helpful for these students, and they tend to have the most success learning in a quieter environment.

The third main learning style is reading/writing. This learner processes information best by either writing down information, or reading it.

Finally, the last main type of learning style is kinesthetic. If your child is a kinesthetic learner, they will learn best by doing. Instead of watching demonstrations like the visual learner, they will benefit from participating in those demonstrations. A hands-on approach is best for these types of learners, so they retain the most information possible.

Why do the learning styles matter?

Once you know your child’s learning style, and they know it too, it becomes easier to teach them and for them to retain the information that you’re telling them. This is because it’s being taught in a way that best suits them and caters to their learning style.

How to figure out your child’s learning style

Talk to them about how they think they best learn. Another good way to figure out their unique learning style is to simply observe! Do they prefer to be shown how to do something, or told how to do it? And, remember, they might lean towards one learning style, but be a combination of them.

Still not sure what your child’s learning style is?

That’s okay, it may take some time to figure out. To help you get a better idea, we’re linking this 20 question quiz. Your child can take the quiz and get a better picture of their learning style here:

At DVA, we take an individualized learning approach

With larger class sizes, it can be hard to help your child and cater to their needs and learning style in the classroom. That’s what makes us different – we want to help make sure your child can achieve the goals they’re capable of. We offer one on one support or a small class setting so students can learn in a way that best suits their needs. The small class environment allows teachers to explore different ways of providing instruction, and new ways for students to learn.

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