DVA Students Have Been Accepted into Canada's Top Universities

The path toward making your dreams come true requires lots of time and effort, but with a high-quality education, it certainly becomes easier. At Don Valley Academy, we strive to give our students the confidence and skills they need to reach their goals. For this reason, we are excited to reveal our students have been successfully admitted to the Universities/Colleges of their choice.

Our students have worked relentlessly both inside and outside of the classroom to prepare for admissions, and their efforts have been rewarded. 64 of our graduates have been accepted into top universities in Canada, such as Carleton University, University of Toronto, York University, University of Waterloo, and others.

At DVA, we try to motivate and inspire each student to reach their full potential and focus on their interests and strengths. That is also reflected in the high success rate of university admissions. Our students will be able to pursue their dreams in a wide range of industries. Medical sciences, engineering, business management, architecture, film production, theatre – these are just a few examples of the programs they have been accepted to.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our education model offers more flexibility and choice. Our staff is dedicated to providing programs that fit the needs of each individual. Some students require more attention, while others are motivated in front of a challenge. In our school, they get access to a personalized success plan that can help in their journey towards reaching their goals.

Our students’ high acceptance rate showcases that a respectful, safe environment combined with a positive atmosphere and hard work brings success!

How does DVA help in the application process?

Sending university applications out is always a nerve-wracking experience. Making one of the most important decisions in your academic career is not easy. That is why at DVA, we try to assist our students in the application process even before it begins. In fact, informing our students about their various options is our priority.

We encourage our students and their parents to make a one-on-one appointment with our principal, who has helped students in the critical process for more than 20 years. Don Valley Academy prides itself on offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure students have the tools to get into the university of their dreams.

That begins in the classroom as they learn about their particular learning style. By mastering it, no mountain will be too high!

Here is the complete list of all the universities and programs our students have been accepted to.

Brock University

  • BSc Honours: Medical Sciences
  • BSc Honours: Computer Science
  • BKin Honours: Kinesiology
  • BA Honours: Media & Communication Studies

Carleton University

  • Health Sciences Honours
  • Science: Major – Only some subjects
  • Engineering: Aerospace
  • Engineering: Architectural Conservation & Sustainability
  • Arts Honours

McMaster University

  • Honours Health Sciences I
  • Life Sciences Gateway
  • Computer Science I
  • Life Sciences Gateway

Ontario Tech University

Business – Technology Management (BCom)

Queen’s University       

Health Science (BHScH)

Toronto Metropolitan University 

  • Chemistry (Co-op available)
  • Business Management (Co-op available)
  • Computer Science (PT)
  • Performance Acting
  • Biomedical Sciences (Co-op available)
  • Aerospace Engineering (Co-op available)
  • Architectural Science (Co-op available)

University of Guelph

  • Bio-Medical Science
  • UofGH – Honours Bachelor of Business Administration AND Diploma in Business Administration
  • All Other Majors
  • General Bachelor of Science (three-year degree)

University of Ottawa

  • UO: Biomedical Science
  • UO: Health Sciences

University of Toronto

  • Psychological & Health Sciences (co-op and regular) – U of T Scarborough
  • Management – U of T Mississauga
  • Architectural Studies (BA) – St. George Campus
  • Life Sciences (co-op and regular) – U of T Scarborough
  • Engineering Science (including PEY Co-op option) – St. George Campus
  • Architectural Studies (BA) – St. George Campus
  • Life Sciences (including Psychology) – St. George Campus
  • Life Sciences – U of T Mississauga
  • Social Sciences & Humanities (co-op and regular) – U of T Scarborough
  • Social Sciences – St. George Campus

University of Waterloo

  • Honours Science (Regular only)
  • Health Sciences (Co-op and Regular)
  • Kinesiology (Co-op and Regular)
  • Climate and Environmental Change (Co-op and Regular)
  • Biotechnology/CPA (Co-op only)
  • Architectural Engineering (Co-op only)
  • International Development (Regular only)
  • Science and Aviation (Regular only)

University of Windsor      

Aeronautics Leadership – Flight

Western University

  • MN: Health Sciences
  • MN: Science
  • MN: Management & Organizational Studies

Wilfrid Laurier University          

  • Honours Arts (BA) Programs, All Other Arts Majors, Waterloo Campus
  • Honours Arts (BA) Programs with Management Option, All Other Arts Majors, Waterloo Campus
  • Business Administration (BBA), Waterloo Campus

York University

  • Kinesiology & Health Science (BA)
  • Film Production (BFA)
  • Theatre (BA, BFA)
  • Engineering (BEng) – including Co-op
  • Biomedical Science (BSc, iBSc)
  • Information Technology (BCom)
  • Business & Society (BA)
  • Business Economics (BA)
  • Human Resources Management (BHRM)

As the school year has come to an end and our secondary school graduates prep for the next chapter in their lives, we are excited to welcome new members to our DVA community. Please contact us today to learn more about our approach and admission requirements. Who knows – maybe in a couple of years, that could be your child – accepted into one of the top universities in the country! Success starts here – at Don Valley Academy.