Why Choose Don Valley Academy

A new and uncertain school year is about to start, and many families are wondering if traditional schooling is still right for their children. Students need consistency in their education; they need to feel supported in their academic and personal endeavours.

If you are questioning if going back to regular schooling is right for you or your child, here are some of the reasons so many families choose Don Valley Academy for their education.

  1. Our Learning Environment

You won’t see learning environments like ours in traditional schools. We know that small class sizes lead to more confident students who get the individualized attention they deserve. It’s too easy for students to fall through the cracks or not be challenged enough in large classrooms. We intentionally create small classes that give the teacher ample opportunity to focus on each student and help them grow their skills and confidence.

The atmosphere in our classrooms is also unique, whether in person or online. Students are encouraged to take risks, ask questions, and not be afraid of being wrong. Our teachers encourage participation and collaboration from students and actively involve them in the lessons. Read some of our testimonials to see just how our students, find our learning environment.

  1. Our Programs

We offer a range of programs for students in grades 9-12. Besides offering full-time and part-time studies, we also offer tutoring and individual courses. If your child needs extra attention in a particular course or is far ahead of their peers in a subject, our individual and part-time programs will meet their needs.

Some students come to us for part-time studies to help them prepare for university; some families whose children have major commitments in extracurricular activities appreciate that we have flexibility in our full and part-time programs.

  1. Our Faculty

Our team of enthusiastic, experienced, and professional faculty members make our students’ academic careers all the more enjoyable and prosperous. Each faculty member believes in ensuring all students feel heard, understood, and empowered. Students are encouraged to ask questions, set goals, and take ownership of their education.

Whether your child needs some extra help with a lesson or is ready to be challenged further, our teachers are ready to be the support they need. We embrace the different learning styles of each child and happily adjust how we explain lessons to suit individual needs. You won’t find this level of support in traditional schools.

Get to know our faculty, their backgrounds, and why they believe in our mission at Don Valley Academy.

  1. Our Approach

We’ve seen the results of individualized learning in our students. They graduate from our programs with newfound confidence in themselves and their learning abilities. Students develop independence in their learning which prepares them well for further education. Some of the areas we focus on in our approach are study skills, research techniques, time management, and fostering motivation. We believe that there is no right way to learn, so different learning styles are explored and encouraged.

Don Valley Academy does what other schools can’t, we meet students where they are and help them develop their learning style so they can grow their confidence in the classroom and outside it. We help them develop their learning skills through lessons that empower them to practice and participate. We don’t believe learning is one-size-fits-all. Each student is unique, and we believe that every student can achieve their academic goals if they’re encouraged to learn in a way that suits them.

Goal setting is highly encouraged at Don Valley Academy and we aim to empower students to achieve the goals they set. Whether it’s getting into the post-secondary university they want or finally understanding algebra, we’re here to help make their goals happen.

  1. Our Results

If you read our testimonials, you’ll understand the immense impact we’re having on our students’ lives. Don Valley Students graduate and get accepted to their first-choice universities and colleges, bring with them a sense of independence and confidence, and are better prepared for the real world in front of them. Many of our alumni maintain a connection with Don Valley Academy and we continue to encourage their growth and success.

Success Starts Here

Our first term of the year starts in September and it’s not too late to register. Fill out an online application or get in touch with us today to learn more.