Tools for Managing Stress During Exams or Tests

As exams are approaching, staying calm becomes more challenging even for the most grounded people. While small amounts of short-term stress can be good, too much of it can create the opposite effect. In this article, we dive into strategies that can help with creating a more positive outlook on prepping for exams or tests.

Don’t forget to breathe

One of the best ways to relax before awaiting exams is to practice mindfulness techniques and especially breathing exercises. When you set aside some time to be present at the moment, your body will calm down its stress response and shift your attention back to what is happening currently.

With the exercises, you will be able to say goodbye to unhelpful thought patterns and, instead, have a more positive outlook and be more effective.


Create a revision timetable

To reduce exam stress, getting organized can have a major effect. When there is much to do, it is easy to get overwhelmed. By creating a revision schedule and writing to-do lists for each day or week, you will be able to get everything done on time with less nervousness.

When making your plans, prioritize revisions that have the earliest deadline. To feel more in control, it may also be beneficial to work out a daily routine.

Take regular breaks

You may have the temptation to study without taking any breaks, but that won’t help your productivity. Try to have at least a 10-minute break every hour and a half. You will be surprised to see how easier it is to focus on tasks afterwards.

Numerous studies have shown that taking breaks can reduce or even prevent stress, plus it can also help you maintain performance throughout the day. Consider prepping for exams to be like a marathon, not a sprint.

Choose healthy foods and don’t forget to exercise

 Eating healthily and exercising may not be the first things that pop into your mind when thinking of exam prepping, but it is very important. Eating the right foods is linked to better mental health and wellbeing.

Products like nuts, asparagus, coconut, berries, dried fruit, dark chocolate and others aren’t just proven to be good for you mentally. They are also known to increase brain power, which, of course, doesn’t hurt. Exercising, on the other hand, fills your brain with endorphins – the happy hormones. Even a short walk can make you much more alert and focused.

Get enough sleep

Pulling an all-nighter is not the way to go. According to research, when you don’t get enough sleep, your stress levels are bound to increase.

Of course, falling asleep becomes trickier if you have a lot on your mind. In order to have a good night’s rest, keep your electronic devices out of your bedroom, try to go to sleep at the same time every day and create a calm environment.

Remember that feeling a little anxious is completely normal. However, you shouldn’t let your emotions control you. The key to feeling more optimistic is preparation – the earlier you start, the more relaxed you will be. At Don Valley Academy, we have created a more laidback environment and flexible scheduling so that every student can reach the maximum of their potential.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the benefits of a Don Valley Academy education, reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you!