Returning to school brings many emotions for both children and parents. Transitioning from a care-free summer to a scheduled routine is challenging. Thankfully, if you’ve got the right tools and a supportive environment, going back to school can be a fantastic time for renewed energy, setting the stage for a fantastic year!

For this reason, we’ve gathered some practical and effective tips that will make the shift simple and effective for both parents and students.

Practice patience
It is normal to find it challenging to return to school. Students may show a negative attitude or hesitation during this time because they have been following a different routine for a few months.

Remember that every student is different, and while some may have no problem returning to school, others may find it very difficult. The key to surviving the shift is patience. Together, students will gradually adapt to their regular routines with a bit of encouragement.

Consider schedules.
Your schedule should not be overloaded with activities and after-school clubs that cause extra strain and anxiety during this time. Be involved, but consider a reasonable timeframe to be re-adjusted.

Parents – if you see your child worrying about going back to school or getting involved, do your best to empathize. Then, try to resolve any problems or concerns accordingly. Although children should be encouraged to be independent, they should also feel a sense of security and support.

Keep in mind the stress of the unknown.
Not knowing what and how things will happen is the most common cause of stress before starting school. Luckily, there are ways to solve this. Ask to be shown around the school property independently or as a family. If possible – meet teachers or classmates before the new term starts.

Look at the positives together.
Going back to school has many benefits – you can spend more time with friends, gain new skills and work towards making career goals come to fruition. Sometimes it is easy to forget all the good that comes from studying.

This is why we recommend talking. Together – discuss the positives of going back to school. Make a list of goals for the new school year and add new challenges regularly so there is always something new to reach for.

Parents should encourage enthusiasm for the change. This will be reflected in your child’s feelings. They will be more willing to take on new tasks if they feel excited. Also, don’t underestimate the value of shared activities. Such a simple thing as buying a new school bag or notebook can put everyone in a positive spirit.

For adults, returning to work after a well-deserved holiday is not easy. The same goes for children and going back to school. However, the shift will be much smoother with the right amount of support and encouragement.

At Don Valley Academy, we pride ourselves on having a respectful, safe, and nurturing environment where every student feels welcomed. We’ve designed our studies in a way that doesn’t make our students overwhelmed or tired. To read more about our approach, click here.