High school can be an exciting time in your life full of discovery and potential. At DVA, we challenge you to challenge yourself and explore your interests. To make the most of your time at DVA, here’s our advice for not just surviving but thriving in your classes.


  1. Participate in Class


One of the many awesome things about our teachers is their openness to dialogue in class. Students are encouraged to share their ideas, ask questions, and contribute. Not only does this make class more fun, but it gives everyone the opportunity to see things from different perspectives and to learn new things.


Now you may be asking, “what if I say the wrong thing?” or “what if I get the answer wrong?” The truth is, you will get the answer wrong sometimes and you might say the wrong thing sometimes. Neither is an indication of your intelligence or lack thereof; taking the risk to raise your hand builds your courage, emotional intelligence, and confidence.


  1. Manage Your Time


You’re responsible for how you spend your time outside of class. It is up to you to decide that doing your homework is worthwhile. That also applies to what time you go to bed and how you take care of yourself.


If you want to excel in high school and go on to accomplish bigger and better things, taking care of yourself is key. Get 7-9 hours of rest each night, move your body every day, and eat nutritious foods. Making time for these important things will ensure you have the energy and focus to excel at school.


  1. Set Goals


You have so much potential to do amazing things during your time in high school. Sure, you want to get your diploma, but what else do you want? What are your academic or career aspirations? We encourage all students to start thinking about these things and to set goals.


Perhaps you want to get into a top university, land a scholarship, or simply conquer your fear of math. All are worthy goals that our faculty would be thrilled to help you create a plan for.


  1. Use Our Resources


At DVA, we go above and beyond to make our students’ high school experiences fulfilling and empowering. Our experienced and enthusiastic faculty also acts as guidance counsellors that are here whenever you need to talk about academics or otherwise.

We have flexible learning options to accommodate busy life schedules. From online classes to summer school, we make reaching all your goals here possible.


Ready to Enroll in Classes at DVA?


For a fulfilling, gratifying, and successful private high school experience, join us at DVA. We provide top of the line education with a learning environment like no other. From our flexible programs to our ability to provide individualized attention, we ensure all our students find success. To learn more about admissions and enrolling, click here.