At Don Valley Academy, we see the benefits of individualized support for our students every day. When children and teens are in a learning environment that feels safe and empowering, they’re willing to ask more questions, push themselves farther, and achieve more academic success.
Here are some of the top reasons we offer individualized support to our students.

1. Individualized Attention
In a traditional school, one teacher is responsible for up to 30 students. Students that need extra attention or are above the class average don’t receive the customized and individualized attention they deserve. At Don Valley Academy, our class sizes average 8 students per class. We insist on providing individualized learning support for our students. Whether your child needs some assistance learning the core curriculum or they’re ready for more advanced concepts, their teacher will have the time and energy to dedicate and support their learning.

2. More Confident Students
One of the downsides of traditional schooling is the disempowering environment students are taught in. Due to peer pressure and social expectations, simply raising their hand to ask a question can feel like a risk. With our small class sizes and tailored support, students are empowered to ask questions, make mistakes, and learn in whatever way works best for them. As they develop the confidence to take risks in learning, they develop confidence in other areas of life.

3. Unique Learning Processes
Each student is unique and has their own learning process. Some learn better with visual materials; others are auditory or kinesthetic learners. Traditional schools don’t have the time or resources to accommodate different learning styles. When they receive personalized support, your child is encouraged to embrace their learning process and taught how to develop it further.

4. Ownership and Accountability
Students who receive individualized support are taught to take ownership of their studies. By understanding what their learning process is and how to utilize it, they’re better prepared for college and university where the environment is highly independent. Additionally, it teaches students to take accountability for their learning. By building a relationship with their teacher and understanding the importance of their studies, they learn to hold themselves accountable.

5. Goals and Success Plans
Have you ever asked your child what their goal for their studies is? Our support highlights goals as a major part of the process. Students are encouraged to assess their abilities and set goals for themselves. With the help of their teacher, a success plan is created to help guide them in achieving their goals. Unlike in traditional schooling where the goal is simply to pass or receive an A, goals here are tailored to your child’s interests and aspirations.

Interested in Learning More About the Benefits of Individualized Support?
Don Valley Academy believes that the best ways to empower children and teens to learn, develop, and grow are through small class sizes and personalized support. By receiving support, each student attains the knowledge and skills they need in the ways that best set them up for success.
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