The Benefits of a Small Class Learning Environment

One of the many factors that make Don Valley Academy an excellent choice for your high school student is our learning environment. Here are nine of the top benefits we see from having a small class learning environment.

  1. More 1:1 Time

With fewer students to manage, teachers have more time to provide individualized attention to each student. When a student has a question about the material, the teacher has time provide a thorough clarification to ensure the student understands. This also helps to improve student confidence and reduce their stress.

  1. More Feedback

More 1:1 time means that teachers can provide more feedback to students than a teacher with 30 students could. When teachers give feedback, positive or negative, they also provide the student with guidance to improve their knowledge and abilities.

  1. Tailored Learning Experience

If one student can handle more advanced materials, the teacher can enrich a lesson for that particular student to go beyond the standard curriculum. Teachers have the time to notice students who are learning faster than average and can tailor materials to promote deeper learning.

  1. No Student Gets Left Behind

Similarly, if a student struggles with a particular subject, the teacher has the ability to track and evaluate who needs further instruction, so that all their students can keep up. They will receive the time and individualized attention they need to ask questions, practice, and absorb the material. Students feel more engaged and motivated making it more difficult to fall through the cracks.

  1. Learning Styles Are Understood

Not all students learn through reading a textbook. Some find learning easier through auditory or kinesthetic means. With smaller class sizes, teachers have the time and resources to discover which learning style a student thrives with and curate the material to them in that way.

  1. More Opportunities to Participate

In a class of 30 students, it can be hard for each student to feel heard and get to participate in group learning. But in small classes, each student is encouraged to develop their voice, express their ideas, and converse with each other.

Not only does this improve their knowledge of the course material, but it expands their social skills and conversational skills.

  1. Stronger Sense of Community

In large classes, it’s normal for cliques to develop and for bullying to occur. Smaller classes also allow for deeper friendships among the students. They have more opportunities to interact with each other and build bonds that can last well past post-secondary school and into their careers.

  1. Happier Teachers

Having fewer students makes a massive impact on a teacher’s ability to do their job well. They’re happier and more fulfilled which transfers into the experience of the students.

  1. More Successful Students

Students that come from classes with fewer students do better academically than students who come from large classes. They are better prepared for the independent and innovative atmospheres of university or college.

DVA Specializes in Small Class Learning Environments. Interested in Learning More?

Students at DVA get individualized support in our small learning environment from teachers who have the time and expertise to help them excel. Read here to learn more about our learning environment and class sizes, and the benefits they have on our students.