The countdown is on – we can’t wait to welcome 2022! Our staff at Don Valley Academy want to help you follow your passion this new year. Most people have heard of setting goals, but have you heard about setting intentions?

Where goals are more about an external outcome, intentions are meant to align you with your purpose.

Goals are important to set because they can provide you with focus when time gets tough.

Write them down

If you’re looking to accomplish a lot of your goals in 2022, it’s vital that you stay organized. You can do this by brainstorming a list of short- and long-term goals that you want to accomplish in the new year. Write those goals down with ways that you plan on working towards them, and chart any progress you might have made towards achieving those.

Stay motivated with celebratory rewards

To make it more fun – reward yourself throughout the process. It doesn’t just have to be when you accomplish the main goal, but rather celebrating all the small victories along the way. This will also help to keep you motivated through to your end goal.

Now, intentions are just as important to set because they’re all about purpose. Spending some time doing this before welcoming 2022 – it will be worth your while.

It’s time you asked yourself some important questions – what drives you? What are you passionate about? We’re here to help you find out so you can live a fulfilling life!

When it comes to setting intentions, sit back and spend time thinking about important things in your life. This is all about you, so have fun with it. Learn as much about what drives you as you can.

What brings you joy?

Is there a particular hobby or activity that you feel happiest when you’re doing? Or is there a particular place that brings you happiness and you feel like you can 100% be yourself in? Picture whatever that is in your mind, and then turn it into something tangible.

Create a vision board

Get creative with a vision board! Select images and write out your intentions. For example, if you find happiness in playing a sport or traveling, you might add a picture of you playing said sport to the vision board, and a picture of a place you’ve traveled or want to travel to. You can go into detail by adding your thoughts to the board on why these things bring you happiness.

Be positive

One of the most important things you can do is stay positive. This is all about learning more about yourself and what drives you. Enjoy the learning process!

Share with a friend

Sharing your intentions with a close friend who you trust can help you stay accountable to finding your purpose. It also helps keep it fun. If they’re creating their own intentions, you can swap vision boards and talk about how best to help find your purposes together!

Learn more about us

At Don Valley Academy, we know that each student is unique, and has their own unique purpose and goals that they’re striving for. We provide a more relaxed environment and one on one attention to help students achieve what they want early in life.

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