How We’re a Family at Don Valley Academy

The education your child receives at Don Valley Academy is unlike what any other private school in the GTA can provide. Yes, we offer small class sizes and individualized learning. But we also bring a lot more to the table that our students and their families can benefit from. One of our most important values is family; we treat our faculty, students, and parents as part of our family. Keep reading to see what else makes our DVA family one of a kind.

Focus on Connection

We don’t believe in keeping students constantly segregated by age. As a family, we want our students to interact with each other in social and academic settings. We facilitate this by planning school-wide activities like paintball or trips to Canada’s Wonderland. Connection is one of our top priorities.

This applies to academic environments as well. If your child isn’t being challenged by the curriculum for their age group, allowing them to learn with older students will nurture their growth. Students who aren’t being challenged enough in traditional schools find an expansive and encouraging atmosphere here.

Support for Parents

We believe that including parents in discussions and plans for a student’s education is critical. Each academic decision is made by the teachers, the students, and the parents. For example, if your child is interested in taking applied math instead of academic math, we want to discuss how that affects their future schooling options with everyone involved.

Our teachers are committed to connecting with parents regularly and providing open communication. If there’s a way we can help support parents through their child’s education, we’re here to help. Don Valley Academy is known for treating students and their parents just like family.

More Than a Teacher

When your child is enrolled in a class, they don’t just get an experienced teacher. They get a mentor. Our teachers are passionate about helping students achieve their academic goals, whatever they may be. The informal environment of our classes allows students and teachers to talk candidly about what they want for their future and how to attain those aspirations. Students feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their concerns.

Furthermore, our teachers encourage students to take ownership of their studies. This goes deeper than learning skills for the academic world. It’s about guiding them to be well-rounded, secure, and flourishing adults. We are immensely proud of the mentorship provided to our students.

Join the Don Valley Academy Family

We offer what other Toronto private schools can’t: a focus on connection, support for parents, and mentorship. Your child will learn to set academic goals, be mentored and guided to achieve them, and graduate as a confident young adult. These benefits are provided at an affordable tuition compared to other Toronto private schools.

Our school is about more than education; it’s about family. If you’re interested in learning more about our approach or our programs, we would love to speak with you.

Call us at 416-223-7561 or send us a message.