Over 17 per cent of high school students in the GTA are doing school completely online, including our students at Don Valley Academy. We’ve been offering virtual learning to our students since last March, and have become experts at helping our students and their families get the most out of this learning experience. Here are our tried-and-true tips for optimizing your child’s virtual learning at home.

  1. Create a Dedicated Space for Learning

It’s important for your child to feel comfortable and safe in their learning environment with minimal distractions. Choosing a dedicated learning space in your home for them to do their lessons is optimal. In this space, provide an ergonomic desk and chair so that their body is comfortable, and remove distractions like the television. Ensure the lighting is bright enough and the internet signal is strong.

  1. Put Routines and Systems in Place

Children and teenagers thrive on routines and systems. Predictability helps them worry less and focus more on their learning. Consider working with your child to create a routine that suits them. Ensure they are getting 8-9 hours of sleep each night and waking up at the same time each day. If you work from home, consider taking your lunch break at the same time as them to help with accountability.

  1. Connect with Their Teacher

The faculty here at DVA do most of the work to ensure students succeed virtually. That means being available for office hours with students and their parents, and having plenty of experience with the technology so they can troubleshoot any problems you have. To help your child get the most out of their learning, connect with their teacher to hear their tips on making this experience even better for your child.

  1. Stay Calm and Positive

Children pick up on their parents’ energy. If you are constantly stressed and worried about their studies, they might become anxious as well. It’s best to keep a positive attitude with a growth mindset. When you believe that your child has what it takes to succeed, they will believe in themselves. Your attitude during their virtual learning makes a tremendous impact.

  1. Lean on Your School

At Don Valley Academy, we want our students and their families to lean on us as much as they need. We are constantly striving to make the learning experience more engaging and effective. That could mean providing individualized support, playing to your child’s strengths, and working with your child to improve their weaknesses. We are committed to communicating regularly with parents and keeping them in the loop.

Need Help Optimizing Your Child’s Virtual Learning Experience?

Your child deserves the best possible learning experience as they complete their studies from home. At DVA, we do most of the work to ensure your child succeeds virtually. We want parents to use our faculty as a resource and we are always here to help.

If you need help improving your child’s virtual learning experience, reach out to us today. We would love to connect with you and make your child’s experience of virtual learning a positive and successful one.