How the Teachers at DVA Contribute to Student Success

The faculty at DVA views our students and their families as our family. When our students succeed in secondary school and later in university, we all succeed. Our teachers go above and beyond to give them an education that motivates them to enter university with confidence. Here are some of the ways our teachers contribute to our students’ successes.

  1. The Teacher-Student Ratio

DVA is proud to offer small class sizes to all of our students. There are several benefits of small class sizes, not in the least is maintaining a low teacher-student ratio.

When a teacher is in charge of 30 students in a class, some of those students will fall through the cracks. Those who need to be challenged in their academic studies won’t get the attention they deserve. And those who need extra support to keep up with their peers will be left behind.

At DVA, we ensure that our teachers always have time to provide individualized attention to every student in their class. Every student has time to ask questions and every teacher has time to provide in-depth answers. This allows for a higher quality of education than other schools.

  1. Facilitating Positive Communication

Participating in class can be nerve-wracking for some students. The fear of getting an answer wrong and feeling embarrassed can stop some students from engaging and contributing. Our faculty does its best to make every student feel safe, comfortable, and respected.

By facilitating positive communication with the students, there is no repercussion for getting an answer wrong. Getting things wrong is how we learn; our teachers encourage our students to take the risk and put themselves out there in class.

This practice also facilitates a positive atmosphere among students. They learn to respect each other and not to judge another’s learning experience.

  1. Providing Additional Help

Our teachers’ jobs don’t end when the bell rings. We know that the time before and after class is crucial for some students to get the extra help they need or want.

Our teachers might go deeper into a complicated topic after class or stick around to answer extra questions. They might work one-on-one with a student that is struggling or provide more advanced material to students that are ahead of their peers.

They also play the role of guidance counsellor to our students. Whether a student needs help managing their time or is unsure which universities to apply to, our faculty is always here to guide them. Some students may just need to talk about the pressure they feel to get into a reputable university, and our teachers are here to talk about that too.

Whatever our students need to succeed, our faculty is happy to provide.

Interested in Transferring to DVA?

Each year more students enroll at DVA because of our fantastic teachers, small class sizes, and reputation for helping students succeed academically and in life. If you’re interested in our flexible learning options and our admissions process, click here. We can’t wait for you to join us