How DVA Provides Students with Stability

This school year has been anything but stable for students in the GTA. Many parents were hoping that the end of 2020 would signal a return to normalcy in 2021, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The policies for public schools keep changing, forcing students and their families to re-adjust their plans and routines. Students doing online classes through public schools are experiencing difficulties that they and their teachers have never faced before.

Although many schools across the board are struggling, Don Valley Academy has managed to provide our students with what the others cannot: stability, reliability, and engagement.

Why Students Need Stability

Students learn best when they feel safe and secure. The stress that comes with not knowing if you’ll be attending live classes next month weighs on students. Not to mention the stress of potentially contracting Covid-19 from being at school with their peers. Just when they’ve adjusted to one routine, policies change, and they have to spend their mental and emotional energy adjusting to a new one.

Instability is a big deal for students, for their grades and their mental health. Without stable education, their motivation and focus can dwindle as their chances of developing anxiety and depression increase.

The Current Situation

Public schools have been rushing to meet the growing demand from parents to provide sufficient online schooling. Unfortunately, they just aren’t meeting the needs of students and their families. We’ve seen the news articles and heard from parents about just how unprepared many public schools have been for the switch to virtual classes.

Some classes include little to no participation from students, little to no accountability and next to no individualization for students. That’s where we come in.

What Makes DVA Different

Unlike public schools that are shakily pivoting to an online model, DVA has been successfully teaching students online for months, and we’ve stayed 100 per cent virtual since September. Our experienced faculty are experts at synchronous virtual learning that provides individualized support to our students.

Our virtual classes foster an environment for participation and engagement. Students feel safe to express themselves, which enables them to learn from mistakes and feel confident in their abilities. This is an intentional facet of DVA’s mission; to ensure our students feel safe and secure enough to take ownership of their studies.

Additionally, we continue to offer individualized learning plans to students. Whether they need a little extra assistance completing a course or they need to be challenged more, we’re committed to meeting students where they’re at.

Are You Looking for a More Stable Educational Experience for Your Child?

Most public schools are unable to provide stable or engaging learning environments right now. At DVA, we have been successfully conducting virtual schooling for years; we have the experience and expertise to provide an efficient and collaborative learning experience.

If you’re ready for your child to regain their focus and motivation in their studies, contact us today to learn about enrolment.