How DVA Helps Students During University Application Time


How DVA Helps Students During University Application Time

High school students are facing one of the most important decisions of their academic careers thus far: sending university applications out. All the exams and projects they’ve studied for and worked on over the past four years amount to this moment.

Here at DVA, we do everything we can to make this period less stressful for our students.

Here’s how.

Learning About Their Options

Students at DVA learn about their university and college options long before the application process begins. This is intentional as their grades, academic performance, and extracurriculars in the prior years can affect their application success. So, our teachers and support staff make informing students of the various options a priority. We also recommend that our students start thinking about future post-secondary options as early as grade ten when they are selecting courses for grade eleven. This way they can keep as many options open to them as possible.

Meeting with the Principal

One of the strategies we are proud to offer at DVA are one-on-one student and parent meetings with our principal, Alex Evans. He has been helping students successfully complete the application process for over 20 years.

Students and parents can make an appointment with him any time throughout the year to discuss options, pre-requisites, and deadlines. We believe that keeping parents involved in their child’s application process is key to ensuring no deadlines are missed and all decisions are well-thought-out.

In this meeting, the principal will share resources such as information about different universities and programs and similar information for Ontario colleges. Based on the student’s goals, he will help them choose courses that will meet the pre-requisites for their goal post-secondary school as well as the grades necessary in those courses to be eligible.

Additionally, this meeting will provide parents and students with guidance on choosing a residence, preparing for life on campus, and the various deadlines set by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. Students must fill out the correct OUAC form – OUAC 101– to ensure their application gets to the correct institutions.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

Besides this incredibly helpful and beneficial meeting with the principal, the faculty at DVA is committed to ensuring students have the tools they need to succeed in university. That starts with taking ownership of their studies and their learning styles. We believe that when students know their particular learning style, they can master it and use it to their advantage.

Our faculty teaches students how to set academic goals, develop their study habits, and keeps them motivated. There is no such thing as a bad question; every student is encouraged to explore the content and engage in lessons. This prepares them for future university classes that include discussions and tutorials.

Need Help with University and College Applications?

Even if you aren’t a student at DVA, we’d be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about the application process. This can be a daunting time for students and parents; we can help make it easier.

Please contact us today to set up an appointment with the principal to get this process started, and ensure you are well prepared and informed to start this exciting new chapter.