Podcasts are like great books. Once you start listening to them, you can’t stop! But, with so many options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily for you, we’ve done the homework in your place. Here is a list of our favourite podcasts that aren’t just educational but also fun.

Why should you listen to podcasts?

Every day, thousands of new podcasts are being recorded. The best part – they are free and can be listened to almost anywhere, making them a great to-go option for busy students.

Podcasts come in all lengths, so whether you have just 10 minutes to spare or have hours to dive deeper into a particular topic, you will easily find a show that fits your needs. Moreover, studies have shown that podcasts are beneficial to the brain.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

For history enthusiasts (and even those who aren’t), a great podcast to listen to is Stuff You Missed in History Class. Created by the people at HowStuffWorks, learn about overlooked stories, underrepresented groups and strange events that have occurred in the past.

The popular series is the perfect mix of educational and fun. You’d be surprised to know how fascinating stories are left behind in the classroom!

Science Friday

Wish to learn more about space? The perfect podcast to get the information is Science Friday, which takes a deeper look into all things space and fun stuff like the tiniest microbes on Earth. It also features a call-in segment for listeners who have additional questions or particular interests.


There is nothing better than a good comic book! If you agree, you will enjoy listening to IFanboy. The weekly podcast focuses on comic books and everything that goes into creating them. Along with Josh Flanagan, Ron Richards, and Conor Kilpatrick, get a glimpse of behind the scenes for the latest releases. Occasionally, they also offer interviews with comic book creators. Don’t miss them!

How I Built This

Do you know the story of how Chipotle ended up in every store? Have you ever thought about why All Birds became so popular? Furthermore, how did they come up with comfortable shoes? To find answers to these and other questions, listen to How I Built This.

The podcast, hosted by Guy Raz, features interviews with founders of famous companies. In each episode, they go through a different business’ journey to success. If you are curious to learn more about entrepreneurship, this is a great source to gain inspiration.

You’re Wrong About…

Acknowledging you have been wrong about something isn’t easy, but we all know how important it is. This becomes a bigger challenge when you don’t realise how wrong you’ve been. This podcast, led by journalists Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes, takes a look at significant historical moments and analyses what has caused the mistakes in public opinion and imagination.

Who said learning about science, history, and current issues can’t be enjoyable? Just listen to these podcasts, and you’ll see that educating yourself can also be great entertainment.