Education During the Pandemic: Why More Parents Are Choosing Don Valley Academy

This year has been challenging for everyone, especially children and teenagers. Students in these age groups require stability and consistency in their studies, two things that public school boards haven’t been able to consistently provide during the pandemic. However, these are two requirements that we at Don Valley Academy are pleased to offer students in addition to many other benefits.

Learn how our plan for the school year scores next to the public schools and why more parents are choosing to enrol their children in our programs.

Our Approach to Education During a Pandemic

Public school Boards plan to re-open with a 50/50 hybrid plan: students will do half their studies online remotely and the other half in-class. This plan comes with many unanswered questions and confusion. There are major concerns around safety as students and teachers return to school this Fall. Everyone must properly wear masks and protective equipment all the time and the classrooms must be cleaned and sanitized regularly. If a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19 in a school, it will result in major disruptions in learning and possible health risks. How many people will have to be in quarantine and need testing? There are so many uncertain variables in the back to school plan right now.

There has got to be a better way.

Here at Don Valley Academy, we are opening our September term with our fully interactive virtual platform. Until we have evidence that the recommended measures form Toronto Public Health can provide a safe environment for students to congregate in person for classes, we will continue to provide the exceptional online programs we’re known for. The safety of our students and our faculty is of utmost importance.

Our school year will continue to offer four terms that commence in September, November, February, and April. This allows DVA to evaluate and adapt as new safety guidelines are revealed and successfully implemented. We have the flexibility to pivot back to in-school classes during any term in the school year. We will also continue to offer our virtual classes for parents and students who feel more comfortable in our remote learning environment.

The Benefits of Our Approach

Students of all ages require consistency, reliability, and stability from their educators. Many parents have the fair concern that using a 50/50 model will be too challenging for students to adapt to and gain momentum in their learning. Our students receive the consistency they need to build rapport with their teachers, get comfortable with the material, and advance in their learning.

Additionally, the 50/50 split is expected to be more stressful and exhausting for students and their families. Scheduling will become more complex and harder to plan around. Students must have immense organization, and parents must always be ready to secure transportation or childcare.

Although public schools have said it is safe for students to be in-person for classes part of the time, they can’t make any guarantees. We will assess the situation as the pandemic evolves and make decisions based on the information available. Parents of our students don’t have to sacrifice their student’s safety in order to have the quality education they deserve. When you enrol your children in our programs, you get much-needed peace of mind. Parents can focus on their jobs; students can focus on their studies. Leave their education in the capable hands of DVA teachers and staff.

Don Valley Academy is known for offering small class sizes, one-on-one classes, individualized lessons, promoting student engagement and fostering a sense of accountability and independence. The same amazing benefits parents have always chosen us for before the pandemic still exists today.

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