09Sep 2022

Returning to school brings many emotions for both children and parents. Transitioning from a care-free summer to a scheduled routine is challenging. Thankfully, if you’ve got the right tools and a supportive environment, going back to school can be a fantastic time for renewed energy, setting the stage for a fantastic year! For this reason, […]

09Aug 2022

Podcasts are like great books. Once you start listening to them, you can’t stop! But, with so many options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily for you, we’ve done the homework in your place. Here is a list of our favourite podcasts that aren’t just educational but also fun. Why should you listen […]

09Jun 2022
Tools for Managing Stress During Exams or Tests

As exams are approaching, staying calm becomes more challenging even for the most grounded people. While small amounts of short-term stress can be good, too much of it can create the opposite effect. In this article, we dive into strategies that can help with creating a more positive outlook on prepping for exams or tests. […]

25Apr 2022

Poor time management, messy workspace, and lack of motivation, among other things, can make doing homework challenging. Luckily, these difficulties can easily be solved. Then, it becomes a much more pleasant process. With a new term starting at Don Valley Academy, it is the perfect time to freshen up students’ strategies for tackling homework. Read […]

04Mar 2022

Where your child gets their high school education is one of the most important decisions parents can make. The school that they attend will help shape their future career and relationships, and also have a huge impact on their self esteem.   You may have a lot of questions when it comes to private school […]

31Dec 2021

The countdown is on – we can’t wait to welcome 2022! Our staff at Don Valley Academy want to help you follow your passion this new year. Most people have heard of setting goals, but have you heard about setting intentions? Where goals are more about an external outcome, intentions are meant to align you […]

26Nov 2021

Finding the right learning style for your child Have you ever wondered what your child’s learning style is? Figuring out how your son or daughter best processes information will be a huge benefit to them not only in school, but when you’re teaching them at home – and throughout life. The main learning styles can […]

25Oct 2021
DVA - October

  A new school year means a fresh start! It’s a great opportunity for students to improve on their academics or in social areas that they might have struggled with in the past. There’s nothing we love more than seeing students succeed, and our faculty is here to support you and help you accomplish whatever […]

25Sep 2021

In-person learning is invaluable to our students’ academic journeys, and we are pleased to welcome students back into our school this year. In-person learning allows for interaction and socialization with teachers and their peers, and it is critical for their mental and physical health. Our students’ health and safety is the number one priority at […]

20Aug 2021

How the Teachers at DVA Contribute to Student Success The faculty at DVA views our students and their families as our family. When our students succeed in secondary school and later in university, we all succeed. Our teachers go above and beyond to give them an education that motivates them to enter university with confidence. […]

09Aug 2021

  High school can be an exciting time in your life full of discovery and potential. At DVA, we challenge you to challenge yourself and explore your interests. To make the most of your time at DVA, here’s our advice for not just surviving but thriving in your classes.   Participate in Class   One […]

29Jun 2021

When school lets out in June, students rejoice and parents fret about how to keep their kids entertained and productive for the next three months. While some watch copious amounts of Netflix, others use this break for summer school. The summer term at DVA is starting soon, so we’re sharing the five reasons enrolling your […]

31May 2021

There are numerous reasons your child’s school might not be the right choice for your family anymore. After a year full of unexpected changes, some schools have struggled to adapt and as a result, this might have hindered your child’s academic experience. If you’re thinking about switching your child’s school, there are a few things […]

26Apr 2021
DVA April Blog

DVA’s Flexible Learning Options One-size-fits-all education does not meet the needs of all students. That’s why at Don Valley Academy, we are proud to offer several different learning options to suit your needs. We offer the following flexible learning options: Full-time studies Part-time studies Day Classes Night Classes Weekend Classes Summer School Virtual Classes In-person […]

06Apr 2021

  The Benefits of a Small Class Learning Environment One of the many factors that make Don Valley Academy an excellent choice for your high school student is our learning environment. Here are nine of the top benefits we see from having a small class learning environment. More 1:1 Time With fewer students to manage, […]

28Jan 2021

How DVA Provides Students with Stability This school year has been anything but stable for students in the GTA. Many parents were hoping that the end of 2020 would signal a return to normalcy in 2021, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The policies for public schools keep changing, forcing students and their […]

26Dec 2020

Here at Don Valley Academy, we want you to learn the skills and mindset needed to thrive in university and out in the world. After high school, you won’t have a teacher reminding you of due dates or encouraging you to keep studying. It will be your responsibility to succeed. That’s why goal setting is […]

26Nov 2020

Over 17 per cent of high school students in the GTA are doing school completely online, including our students at Don Valley Academy. We’ve been offering virtual learning to our students since last March, and have become experts at helping our students and their families get the most out of this learning experience. Here are […]

29Oct 2020
How DVA Helps Students During University Application Time

  How DVA Helps Students During University Application Time High school students are facing one of the most important decisions of their academic careers thus far: sending university applications out. All the exams and projects they’ve studied for and worked on over the past four years amount to this moment. Here at DVA, we do […]

24Sep 2020

How We’re a Family at Don Valley Academy The education your child receives at Don Valley Academy is unlike what any other private school in the GTA can provide. Yes, we offer small class sizes and individualized learning. But we also bring a lot more to the table that our students and their families can […]

21Aug 2020

Education During the Pandemic: Why More Parents Are Choosing Don Valley Academy This year has been challenging for everyone, especially children and teenagers. Students in these age groups require stability and consistency in their studies, two things that public school boards haven’t been able to consistently provide during the pandemic. However, these are two requirements […]

15Aug 2020

Why Choose Don Valley Academy A new and uncertain school year is about to start, and many families are wondering if traditional schooling is still right for their children. Students need consistency in their education; they need to feel supported in their academic and personal endeavours. If you are questioning if going back to regular […]

18Jun 2020

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to children and learning. One of the ways Don Valley Academy accommodates the individual needs and learning styles of our students is through offering virtual learning. We bring the classroom to your child, during quarantine. Here are some of the benefits virtual learning provides to our students. Flexibility […]

22May 2020

At Don Valley Academy, we see the benefits of individualized support for our students every day. When children and teens are in a learning environment that feels safe and empowering, they’re willing to ask more questions, push themselves farther, and achieve more academic success. Here are some of the top reasons we offer individualized support […]

05Jun 2017

Tweet As final exams end, and the academic year draws to a close, students around the city are looking forward to a couple solid months of completely non-academic activity. Others, however, are gearing up for a month of intensive study in July or August. For the previous generation, “summer school” may conjure up images of […]

05Oct 2012

Tweet Over the years at Don Valley Academy, we’ve had more than our fair share of elite athletes in our classrooms. As a small private school, our student-centred learning environment and flexible scheduling work well with these aspiring champions, who need to fit their school year around their training schedule and their competitions. Two elite […]

24May 2012

Tweet What is a “victory lap”? High school education in Ontario used to take five years. Since 2002, when Ontario scrapped grade 13, it’s officially down to four. Nevertheless, a significant number of students return for a fifth year, even when they have already earned the 30 credits they need for their Diploma. This extra […]

04May 2012

Tweet It’s university admission time, and while some students are checking their OUAC account neurotically for notification of their last few acceptances, other students are taking a more relaxed approach and aren’t even sure what their OUAC password is. While it is not necessary to check your OUAC account daily, we do recommend that students […]

25Apr 2012

Tweet If your child has a Learning Disability, you may qualify for tax credits for Tutoring or Private School Tuition Some parents take advantage of the Don Valley Academy (DVA) environment as a solution for students with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, anxiety, or other social or medical problems that make learning more challenging. Depending on the […]