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As exams are approaching, staying calm becomes more challenging even for the most grounded people. While small amounts of short-term stress can be good, too much of it can create the opposite effect. In this article, we dive into strategies that can help with creating a more positive outlook on prepping for exams or tests. […]

Poor time management, messy workspace, and lack of motivation, among other things, can make doing homework challenging. Luckily, these difficulties can easily be solved. Then, it becomes a much more pleasant process. With a new term starting at Don Valley Academy, it is the perfect time to freshen up students’ strategies for tackling homework. Read […]

Where your child gets their high school education is one of the most important decisions parents can make. The school that they attend will help shape their future career and relationships, and also have a huge impact on their self esteem.   You may have a lot of questions when it comes to private school […]

The countdown is on – we can’t wait to welcome 2022! Our staff at Don Valley Academy want to help you follow your passion this new year. Most people have heard of setting goals, but have you heard about setting intentions? Where goals are more about an external outcome, intentions are meant to align you […]

Finding the right learning style for your child Have you ever wondered what your child’s learning style is? Figuring out how your son or daughter best processes information will be a huge benefit to them not only in school, but when you’re teaching them at home – and throughout life. The main learning styles can […]

  A new school year means a fresh start! It’s a great opportunity for students to improve on their academics or in social areas that they might have struggled with in the past. There’s nothing we love more than seeing students succeed, and our faculty is here to support you and help you accomplish whatever […]

In-person learning is invaluable to our students’ academic journeys, and we are pleased to welcome students back into our school this year. In-person learning allows for interaction and socialization with teachers and their peers, and it is critical for their mental and physical health. Our students’ health and safety is the number one priority at […]

How the Teachers at DVA Contribute to Student Success The faculty at DVA views our students and their families as our family. When our students succeed in secondary school and later in university, we all succeed. Our teachers go above and beyond to give them an education that motivates them to enter university with confidence. […]