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About Don Valley Academy About Don Valley Academy

Our Approach

We provide the foundation for success.

Don Valley Academy is dedicated to providing programs that meet the individual needs of each student. Whether a student needs extra attention, or is gifted and requires a challenge, our school provides a personalized success plan that guides each student to achieve his or her goals. Particular focus is given to developing and refining study skills and research techniques, as well as fostering motivation and good time management.

The customized approach in a Don Valley Academy classroom not only provides our students with a strong background in a particular subject area; it helps to build stronger, more confident students. Keeping classes small allows our teachers to maintain the individual attention and close relationships we believe are essential to helping our students face challenges, overcome obstacles, and develop confidence.

A class at Don Valley Academy is not a place where course material is merely presented, but a learning environment where students engage explicitly with their own learning processes. As our students are encouraged and supported to take ownership of their own education, they become increasingly aware of their personal learning style, and effectively develop the skills and the confidence necessary for success in university and beyond.



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